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PostSubject: Clan Information   Clan Information Icon_minitimeTue Mar 01, 2011 1:55 pm

Quote :
<(SAS)> Special Armed Service

Founding Members: TK421, X350
Manic(was not a founder just a leader...edited by MaNic),

The SAS (Special Armed Service) clan was formed by former members of JoH (Jedi of Honor) in August of 2006. SAS was a small clan, but members felt conencted and were a family. SAS enjoyed plenty of success in its time, but remained a small clan, leading to poor traffic. Because of this, the server, with its owner, was withdrawn. This left the clan in disarray, and many high ranking members left.

A handful of members attempted to keep the clan alive, but it was clear that change was necessary. Enter The Jedi Mafia, founded on February 7, 2007.

=JM= The Jedi Mafia

Founding Members: Saito, Manic
Returning SAS Members: ShadowSnake, Trogdor, Dinero, C'Mag, Bane

JM was able to function on a server from a friend of the clan, and was successful enough to recruit a few more members to add on to the former SAS members. However, the clan soon lost the server and was again without a home. Fortunately, one of the new members, ENDOFTHESE, was able to find a new server for =JM=.

With this new server, =JM= attracted good traffic and more new members, becoming one of the most successful servers in the United Kingdom. This new server-owner later joined JSR, which we are allies today. =JM= was able to play on the server while its owner was no longer in the clan, but complications caused the clan to secure a new server, which was done almost immediately.

Again in possession of a new server, =JM= enjoys success as one of the top JA+ FFA clans in existence.


Now, after 4 Years of Clan History as =JM= we are still living and celebrating the fine community as a family that is still enjoying to play JKA.

Feel free to be a part of this great history!

My Skin that will never change

Alternative name: ÑûÇkÇhøRrϧ.
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Clan Information
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